Hiring a Contractor

When hiring a contractor, there are several important factors to consider prior to making a decision on who you’ll hire.

Watch for Red Flags

Pay attention and look for signs if the contractor...

  • Doesn’t make eye contact or take notes; is not friendly.
  • Promises guarantees as a sales pitch. It’s only a reliable guarantee when it is supported by a warranty company.
  • Wants to work “off book” to get paid cash and save you money.
  • Offers you discounts for getting your friends, family or neighbors to hire their services.
  • Offers you a discount for using material leftover from another job. The material could be stolen or defective.
  • Solicits door-to-door. This may not be a concern, but be wary if they are not local.
  • Asks you to sign an "Assignment of Benefits" agreement. By signing this agreement, you could end up paying for more than what’s covered in your policy. If your repairs are claim related, check with your insurance company first.
  • Pressures you for a quick hiring decision.